Generator & Service

Any generator set used for emergency or primary source must have periodic service and maintenance performed. Setting up a planned maintenance schedule, and performing all associated testing will insure generator availability upon demand. Possibilities of generator failure increase when service and maintenance checks are not performed.

Planned maintenance can be defined as performing service, maintenance, inspections and testing on a generator set on a pre-determined schedule. Each maintenance program should include inspections for the status listed below:

Calendar Cycle Schedule – Depending on manufacturer recommendations and applications, cycles can be divided into weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual requirements.

Operating Inspections – Inspections to be performed on generator when operating. Critical operations can be monitored 100% of operating time. Non-critical operations can have basic checks performed as determined by application.

ELECTRO BOYS has been working on large industrial and commercial commercial power generation equipment that has helped provide power. We have taken that expertise and also offer that to customers in our local service region. In addition to traditional preventative maintenace and load testing we also provide complete generator troubleshooting and repair service. Our technicians can help identify your issues and repair them as needed. Generator won't start, no problem give us a call. Generator is leaking, same difference give us a call. We offer mobile service options, pickup and delivery, and drop off at our facility